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Medical Devices - Wireless Technology

Healthcare is migrating from doctor’s offices and point of care medical facilities to mobile patients and to the home.  New medical devices for chronic disease management and vital signs monitoring increasingly interface wirelessly to SmartPhones.  The FDA’s regulatory policies on mobile medical apps and devices have evolved with recent guidance documents published.

For companies developing medical devices that incorporate Smartphones, applications and wireless peripherals, new engineering and regulatory challenges exist.

Egret Technologies’ combination of wireless capabilities, volume production expertise coupled with device design for FDA approval gets products to market fast and lowers product development risk

Wireless Medical Devices Services

Egret Technologies’ medical devices team personnel have provided engineering services to dozens of global companies in diabetes care, patient monitoring, and instrumentation for almost two decades.  Recently, we have added wireless connectivity and SmartPhone apps to client’s products.

We have worked extensively with leading medical device developers on product concepts, design, manufacturability and test equipment.  Egret Technologies’ expertise generates profitable returns for our clients.

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