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Egret Technologies is an engineering consulting company that was born out of the belief that if a real-world problem can be solved using technology in a cost-effective manner, an economic value can be achieved, and the pursuit is thereby financially worthwhile. Somebody will be happy to pay for that solution.

By marrying a critical eye to what the market will accept with the knowledge of how much it will cost to develop and produce a technical product, Egret Technologies brings its customers appropriate solutions from which they can generate a financial return. Egret Technologies raison d’être is to develop products for our clients from which they can make money.

Egret Technologies is guided by this fundamental principle and our mantra of “turning innovation into profit” embodies it. After twenty years of product development, Dr. Liam Pender, Egret Technologies’ President and CEO, started the company to bring this message to customers who needed to hear the blend of technical savvy and commercial reality.

Egret Technologies is recognized for superior electronics design, optical and embedded software systems, and for its product advancements in fiber optic communications, wireless monitoring, and medical device technologies. Its engineers bring a unique blend of proven expertise to meet rigorous product cost, quality, manufacturing, and time-to-market schedules, combined with exceptional technical and creative insights to drive ROI and performance into designs.

Egret Technologies delivers industry leading companies a cutting-edge portfolio of engineering services and technology capabilities. Contact Egret Technologies.