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Fiber Optics Challenges

Explosive growth in demand for high-bandwidth communications is accelerating fiber optic networks for business and the home. With pioneering engineering work in this field since its inception, Egret Technologies delivers unsurpassed technical skills to component and equipment vendors seeking innovation to reduce cost from their fiber optic solutions.

Egret Technologies provides highly specialized engineering skills to deliver greater bandwidth and functionality while narrowing the cost gap between fiber optic and legacy wire line technologies. We can make fiber optics affordable by packaging optical pieces into subsystems, sourcing low-cost components, or developing field testing devices to monitor operational efficiency.

Fiber Optic Services

Communications equipment vendors are attracted to Egret Technologies’ work because of our recognized leadership in the development of Verizon’s FioS PON product line and Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) Radio Frequency over Glass (RFoG) technologies. Fiber optic engineers at Egret Technologies originated lab prototypes for high bandwidth 40Gbit/s systems during the mid 1990’s – many of these innovations are at the heart of commercial deployment today. With more than 30 major projects, dozens of patents and product awards, and numerous technical publication references, we are a winning partner for equipment vendors seeking to provide low-cost fiber optic offerings to expand and capture the fiber optics market.

Communications Services

Complementing Egret Technologies’ unique fiber optics knowledge is a wealth of wireline communication systems design experience. Egret Technologies’ work can be found in numerous cable TV, xDSL, voice and home networking devices.

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