G4 PLATINUM CGM Transmitter

“Egret Technologies delivered major upgrades to our CGM wireless transmitter on time, on budget, while we kept our next-generation developments on track.”
Jake Leach, VP of R&D, DexCom

TRUE2go® Blood Glucose Meter

“Our constraints were high density layout with critical high speed and sensitive low level signals. Working with Egret Technologies helped us keep our schedules.”
Steven Leone, R&D, NIPRO Diagnostics

Bionic Pancreas

"Egret Technologies delivered working prototypes of our bionic pancreas ahead of schedule and exactly to spec; we look forward to working with them again."
Ed Damiano, Associate Professor, Boston University

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Egret Technologies’ combination of wireless capabilities and volume production expertise, coupled with device design for FDA approval, gets products to market fast and lowers product development risk.


  1. 92% of our clients continue to engage Egret Technologies after the initial engagement.
  2. Egret Technologies performs 100% of its engineering work in the USA.
  3. Egret Technologies has no product line of its own. We develop products for third parties; we won’t compete with you.
  4. Egret Technologies engineering staff have an average of twenty years’ industry experience.
  5. 90% of our major clients work with us for more than fouryears.
  6. Egret Technologies routinely secures patents for our clients on key intellectual property.
  7. Our product development process has delivered hundreds of products and is continually improving.
  8. 70% of our clients are referrals.
  9. In the last two years, 100% of Egret Technologies fixed bid contracts have come in on budget.
  10. Egret Technologies supports STEM programs in the public school system donating time, equipment and dollars to encourage students to follow a technical or scientific career path.